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Mission Statement: Give Factory Farm Animals a Better Life

Crate Free Illinois

Factory farming is designed to do one thing: Make money. The victims, of course, are the unfortunate animals who live out their lives there.

What's life like for a food animal?

Factory farm animals lead lives of unrelenting misery. They suffer extreme confinement and are deprived the basic necessities. They're bred to grow way too quickly to unnatural weights. Breeding sows endure their lives in crates so small they can't turn around and chickens get so heavy they're unable to stand up. Even mutilation is routine.

Factory farmers are eager to advertise their advancements in things like nutrition and livestock management. Yet most consumers agree: This is no substitute for responsible, moral animal stewardship.

The good news is that many pork producers around the country are hearing consumers and eliminating crates. Unfortunately, factory farmers in Illinois seem intent on continuing the increasingly dated practice of locking animals in metal boxes barely larger than their own bodies.

Factory Farm Animals Deserve Better

Yes, we know. Factory farm animals will never have it great. But that doesn't mean we can't work to make their lives better. Let's ask Illinois pork producers to join their competitors and give up the inhumane practices that are no longer the industry norm.