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As Americans, we shower our house pets with love and affection. In Illinois, we have the most comprehensive law in the country to protect dogs and cats. But sadly, factory-farmed animals are the most exploited and least protected group of animals on the planet. As a result they endure mistreatment in ways that are hard to even imagine. And, unfortunately, most meat eaters have no idea of what happens to food animals before they get to the plate.

Crate Free Illinois aims to change that by creating awareness of factory farm abuses, advocating for legislative change and providing consumers with alternative, local sources for meat, chicken, dairy and eggs.

Formed in March 2015, Crate Free Illinois is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The people who work with Crate Free Illinois are a group of animal lovers (some Vegetarian, some not) united by their belief that, in the end, there’s really no difference between cruelty inflicted on a dog, cat, bird, horse, chicken, calf or pig.