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Working tirelessly to reduce the suffering of animals on factory farms   through consumer education and advocacy.
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100% of donations go directly to creating awareness of factory farm animal welfare issues. We use consumer education & activism to confront animal cruelty on factory farms.

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History of Animal Exploitation

History of Animal Exploitation

Throughout history our livelihood has been interwoven with animals. People have harnessed animal muscle power and used animals' bodies for fuel, skins, food, and countless products allowing people to thrive. Linda Kalof’s shares some fascinating, but also gruesome,...

Foie Gras: A Cruel and Unnecessary Delicacy

Foie Gras: A Cruel and Unnecessary Delicacy

I am one of the guilty ones. I’ve eaten and enjoyed foie gras a good portion of my life. My guilt is somewhat assuaged by the innocence of youth. Being raised by a French mother and having spent four years of my childhood in France, this was a part of my heritage....

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