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Take quick online actions to help end the extreme confinement of mother pigs.

Mother Pig Gestation Crate

Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur – Essere Animali

Mother pigs on factory farms spend most of their lives in gestation crates − small, immobilizing enclosures that are roughly the same size as her body. The space is so narrow she can’t even turn around.

Gestation crates are known to cause psychological torment and physical suffering to pigs, including lameness due to weakened bones and muscles. (Imagine confining your dog in a cage so small she can’t turn around for months at a time.) Yet many retailers and restaurants continue to permit them in their supply chains.

Join other online activists who are helping to end this cruel practice.  Spending just a few minutes a month can help end a lifetime of confinement  for millions of pigs.

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