Why Bother?

Millions of Animals Suffer Every Day Because We Don’t Stop It


Your breakfast egg came from a chicken that

lives in the space the size of an iPad.



Your ham sandwich came from a hog

that lives in a space so small she can’t turn around.



Your veal cutlet came from a calf living in wooden box and deprived of water.


Most of us don’t need a degree in animal science to understand that immobilizing animals for most of their lives is inhumane.  And, let’s not forget that food animals are routinely pumped up with antibiotics to promote growth and treat mass outbreaks of illness.

pigs crates

If you’re still considering whether to join our mission, watch these videos and then head over to our volunteer page.

• Undercover at Smithfield Foods (2012 Webby Award Winner)
• Shocking Animal Cruelty at Tyson Foods Supplier (2013 Webby Award Winner)
• Meatless Monday
• Spent Hen Slaughter Exposé: Birds Abused and Scalded Alive

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